Music Therapy

Music Therapy


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Music is an excellent outlet that stimulates creativity and also provides a therapeutic outlet. Music is one of the best ways to offset negative themes as well. Music is also more hormonal than art so it is very effective is sublimating feelings of sadness and depression as well.
A lot of our research efforts are geared towards music as it seems that many musicians were born with a Mars Neptune aspect. This is an obsessive theme and can either lead someone to do a prodigious amount of work in music or go into drugs and alcohol.  Most musicians born with a Mars Neptune aspect are obsessive but the form of obsession is their free choice!
Part of our research requires the analysis of thousands of musicians to establish and check the correlations we have already found between Mars and Neptune and addictive tendencies.
We are designing programs to automatically find all such aspects in the charts of children and youth so we can encourage them at an early age.

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Here is 13 Year old Rex playing the piano. Rez was diagnosed with autism and has an acute sensitivity to sound