What Talents has your child inherited from which parent? Which health issues has the child inherited from which parent? Our AstroGenetics program will accurately identify your child's inherited talents from each parent. This is not just blue eyes but the mind itself! Science has no answer e.g. is there a connection between the Brocas's region and the Visual cortex (artist).

Your Child's Talents

What are the Talents of your child? Who else was born with similar aptitudes? From famous artists to musicians and composers to top athletes, our research will help identify the special qualities of your child. We will also identify adverse behavior and suggest ways to sublimate it in positive ways. The potential for violence into sports and escapist tendencies into art or music etc.


What are the similarities in twins? Do they have the same potential if they are identical or fraternal twins? We will collect data for all kinds of twins and analyze which themes were common to them and how we can learn from the massive amount of data collected to benefit all twins.


When is the best time for conception? Timing of the most fertile periods when the baby is likely to inherit as close to 50% genes from each parent. We have already developed the first phase of it.


How Genetic Astrology Works